Kalamata Olives

Antique Nature OlivesThe { Kalamata olive} is one of the best savory olive varieties in the world. Kalamata olives POD, are the fruit of the “Kalamata olive” or “Kalamon” variety (Olea European var. ceraticarpa), which is cultivated in the regions of our district (Messinia), on flat or sloped fields that are known for the mild weather conditions throughout the year.

The collection process involves the same manual method that was used in antiquity, known as “malgoma”. The fruit must be clear and healthy. Then follows the de-bittering of the olives and fermentation. The final standardization takes place in jars, in order to maintain the produce and seal it so it will be protected from the air.

At the roots of the Greek land on which it was initially cultivated and thrived, in Messinia, we produce and standardize the “Kalamata olive”. Using strict criteria, which are based on tradition, without preservatives, with a completely natural method.

Antique Nature Olives

EUROCERT ISO 22000:2005 .

Certified Organic Products.

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They are available in organic and conventional form.

Kalamata Olives

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